Leaf Pool - Chia (XCH) & Chives (XCC) Farming/Mining Pool

Frequently Asked Questions

No, our pool only supports Chia Official Pooling Protocol where only the portable plots (through plotNFTs) are supported.
PPLNS means 'pay per last number of shares'.
Each farmer keeps sending proofs of space with a certain difficulty to the pool. Each time the pool receives a valid proof, the pool will attribute the same amount of points as the difficulty of that proof to the farmer.
The distrbution agorithm will process all undistributed blocks, as they are divided by each farmers accumulated points for that round. Each round will always last at least 24h, if no block has been found until then, it will be extended another 1h until one is found. At the end of a distribution, all farmer points go back to zero and the next round starts.
During the conversion of the funds in points for each farmer, sometimes there are a few mojo that are added to the pool tax.
After that, the algorithm will check which Farmers are elegible for payment, and then starts the transactions.
When you leave the Pool, after 3 hours have passed, all your points will be reseted. For now the pending balance will stay untouched. If a distribution takes place and you have left the pool, your points are also reseted and you wont be paid.
Whenever the farmer sends a proof with more than 40s he will be penalized (receives negative points) by the value of his current difficulty. Example: If a farmer has 10 difficulty and submits a test with 50s, he will receive -10 points. One of the main reasons we have this system is to ensure that all of our farms operate at their maximum efficiency.
To start earning points, each farm must reach a minimum threshold of 0.9 TiB of Proven Space (about 9 plots). We implemented this system as a way of mitigating dead weight.
As by the current legislation in Portugal, where does the Leaf Pool has its headquarters, our reward distribution system does not imply a special operating license, and not only that, its also exempt from any taxes related to cyptomining activities.
If you need any help or support, please contact us on our official Discord. You will find a link on the bottom of the page.