The pool is fully backed by a real Software company. You can find a link on the footer

Official pooling protocol

We only support NFT plots and Official pooling protocol compatible clients, including GigaHorse.


The pool Dashboard is fully compatible with mobile devices - you can install it as an App


We have the most detailed Dashboard from all the Pools. Analyze your Farm by the detail and optimize your earnings!


Not only the Leaf Pool is public and annonymous, we also do not ask or keep any private information. No tracking!


A mix of high performance servers and high quality Software for the best farming experience!

Global availability

Globally available servers: Europe, Brazil, North America and Asia

BOT Discord

Real-time feeds and notifications about the Pool and your own Farm.

Optional Fee

0% tax by default. You decide for yourself if you want to support the project and what percentage.

Automatic payments

Daily automatic payments directly to your blockchain wallet when you reach the minimal transfer fee of 0.001 XCH.


It's the small things that make the difference. Here we have all of them. That's why we've been historically one of the most profitable Chia pools ever.

Configurable Farm

Customize every aspect of your farm. Your nickname, harvesters and notifications.

Redundance Mode

We have a special feature for farmers that have multiple farmers on the same plots

Fixed Difficulty

Pick any fixed difficulty that you want for your farm. Fully optional.

Pool Systems

Penalization System

The penalization system is designed to address users who exceed the maximum time limit of 40 seconds to send a proof. When a user surpasses this time threshold, the system imposes a penalty as a means of discouraging and regulating farm unefficiency. The purpose of the penalization system is to promote farm efficiency and respectful usage of resources by encouraging users to stay within the designated time constraints. By imposing consequences for exceeding the time limit, the system aims to optimize overall user experience, ensure fair share for all farmers, and maintain a balanced and sustainable usage environment.

Referral System

In order to incentivize and encourage existing farmers to refer new users, the system aims to leverage word-of-mouth marketing and the trust between existing farmers and their social networks to drive customer acquisition, increase brand awareness, and foster loyalty. By participating in the referral system, individuals can earn rewards and discounts when their referred contacts get a block distribution on their pool account.

Payment System

Our Payment System is divided in 3 phases: 1 - Block Absortion 2 - Distribution 3 - Payment Blocks are aborbed during the first phase, then the distribution service will run every 30 minutes to distribute all pending absorbed blocks. It's in the distribution phase where all fees and discounts are calculated and deduced. Then in the last phase, every hour, the payment service will transfer any pending funds to the farmers that have reached the minimum payment limit.

Min. Farm Limit System

To start earning points in the pool, each farmer must reach a minimum threshold of 0.9 TiB of Proven Space (about 9 plots K32 C0). We've implemented this system as a way of mitigating dead weight. We may change this value in the future